Hello!, NSA Haiku Generator is a project by Grayson Earle. That's me.

This web app uses the NSA's database of terms (read more about that here) which can land you as a suspected terrorist if you use them in electronic communication. Rather than being all 'doom and gloom,' I decided to make a game out of it. I've assigned each phrase a syllable count which enables you to create random haikus out of hundreds of words. You can then share your creations with friends over social media!

Even though this project is funny (lol), our own gov't spying on all of us is not. There are things you can do. Yes, you! There are people that can tell you about that listed below:

Fight For The Future
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Stop Watching.Us

So please share this project. For one, every haiku you share renders their dubious efforts a little more ineffective by over-saturating the net with sensitive search terms. Two, let's demonstrate that we're together on this one!

Of course, big thanks to my design collaborator, Britt Boyd!

As always, the source code was left well-commented and freely available. For press inquiries and super great haikus, e-mail me at hello@nsahaiku.net.